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Past Successful and Pending Cases


img_0050September, 2016 ATF showed up at store and intensely questioned the FFL license holder about a part legally sold to a person they were investigating.  Agents looked at all the paperwork documents and alleged the documents were false.  Our member called and we instructed him on what to do and say to the ATF agents.

Agents showed up again two weeks later and threatened our member with prosecution and accused him of lying to an agent.  Our member called the SDF home office and followed our instructions as to what to do and say then the agents left.

Our member received several phone calls from the ATF regional office in October again threatened, accused, and intimidated our member without success. Again member called the SDF home office and followed our instructions of what to do and say.

November, 2016 our member received a letter from the ATF that the case was closed and no further action would be taken.


storefront_newDecember, 2016  “The (ATF) agents came in with guns drawn,” said the store owner.  “They came into my store saying, arms up, just like they were invading Iraq.”

“At no time was the parts I sold ever a firearm, and at no time was I doing anything illegal and at no time should they have been in here and actually taken my parts.”

Although the parts were sold and purchased legally, the agency claims the company was selling receivers manufactured differently with two parts, making them illegal to sell.

Bulling, intimidation, and threatening are typical of the ATF.   The SDF successfully defended our member and no charges were filed.  The parts were returned.

With money and attorneys a FFL dealer can win against the intimidation of the BATF&E.

Texas – C. J. Grisham With Gun To His Head – You Decide – Guilty? Yes or No – View Evidence – Case is Pending.

Grisham & Bush

Grisham has an Army Bronze Star and Presidential Honors.  He was arrested for open carrying a long gun (rifle) in a rural area which is perfectly legal in Texas. In the video you can see the police officer with a gun to back of Grisham’s head. The SDF member was arrested and taken to jail charged with resisting arrest, then the paperwork was changed to rudely displaying (brandishing) a weapon in public, and then  changed again to interfering with the duties of a police officer.  The Probable Cause Affidavit presented in court by the prosecution was “Walking on the wrong side of the road.”  The SDF legal team has defended Grisham in two trials, an appeal, and is representing him in a civil case against the city of Temple, Texas. Member has paid no attorney or other legal fees of any kind.

Watch Police Dash-Cam Video

Arizona Security Officer Charged for Excessive Force

Security Officer

July, 2016 Phoenix Arizona.  A SDF member private security guard detained a 17 year old boy caught while burglarizing a building he was guarding late at night.  He first called the Phoenix police and two officers arrived and the three worked out a plan.  The police (two officers – one male & one female) would take the front of the building and our member alone was to go to the rear.   Our SDF member (Security Guard) caught the boy exiting a rear window and handcuffed the suspect.  The Phoenix police took custody of the boy and then began to question and threaten our licensed security guard member.   That same night our member called the SDF 24/7 emergency attorney line and received instructions as what to say to the Phoenix police.  The Phoenix police was threating to arrest our member for excessive use of force.  The next morning the chief counsel SDF attorney talked to the Phoenix police and all charges were dropped against our member and an apology was given by the Phoenix police.

Listen to the officer tell what happened

Texas Quadriplegic Army Veteran Jailed

Hays Picture

The SDF legal team successfully defended, Gary Hayes, a quadriplegic army veteran of Viet Nam seen here with his service dog. Gary was charged with unlawful carry of a weapon – black powder pistol – which is legal in Texas.  He was jailed in Austin, Texas for 18 hours without the aid of his wheel chair, food, water, or restroom facility.  Police said that his wheel chair could be used as a weapon.  His body orifices were probed for weapons. Food was provided at the cell door but without the aid of his wheel chair he was unable to reach it.  Bail was posted and he was released.  All charges were dropped and his gun was returned.  The SDF paid all legal expenses.  Members have victim rights so the SDF legal team offered to file an ADA (American Disabilities Act) suit against the City of Austin, Texas at no cost to him but Gary declined.

Georgia Member charged for defending his property

Geogia Man

This SDF member is nationally known and would be easily recognized.  His picture is blocked for his personal privacy and security.  Read what he has to say.  “Your SDF attorney appearance by our side was a great factor in how we were treated by the court as well as the investigator (he was actually civil to —— and I for the first time).  You guys really came through and your actions are much appreciated by —— and I. Thank you.” Member was charged for possession of a legal weapon on his own property and shooting into the ground when criminal trespass ATV riders destroyed his manicured yard multiple times.

Texas – Terry Holcomb Ambushed by Police – Watch Video on YouTube

Terry HolcombTerry is the pastor of a church in Texas.  Terry and other “Texas Open Carry” staff met with the Texas Capitol Police to gain permission for a next day demonstration outside the capitol grounds and permission was granted.  The meeting was video-taped.   The next day the Capitol Police, Texas DPS, and other law enforcement officers ambushed the group in force arresting many of the demonstrators confiscating their black powder pistols which are legal in Texas.  The prosecutor insisted on taking this case to trial even though the SDF legal team was in possession of the permission video.  Through the SDF defense attorney’s persistence and refusal to plea-bargain all charges were dropped and the guns returned to their owners.  SDF member paid nothing.

Watch video of arrest